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Blood Suckers

The shadowy hallways of a nosferatu's castle host this scary slots game – will you find the hidden fortune, or fall victim to the cruel bite of its master?

You'll have 5 reels and 25 paylines to play with, but beware, as the reels are infested with many foul children of the night – is that Count Dracula we see, his eyes burning with bloodthirsty lust?

And hark, one of his ghastly brides is in attendance, her beauty only matched by hunger for the flowing red gush of life spilled across her lips. But fret not, there are weapons handy that can slay the undead creatures and send them all back to hell – a vial of holy water, noisome garlic, crossbow and blessed crucifix form your righteous armoury.

Keep your wits about you, because if you see three or more of the Bride scatter symbols you’ll gain ten free spins on top of a multiplier bonus, turning the wicked succubus to dust in a ray of pure, clean sunlight.

Acquire three (or more) of the hammer and stake BONUS symbols to trigger the special bonus round, in which you can choose to open one of a range of coffins – some of these are empty, yielding no prize but others contain a vampire that must be slain to gain the prize.

Did you know?

A collection of vampires can be called either a clutch, brood, coven, pack, or a clan. The Muppet vampire Count von Count from Sesame Street, is based upon a real vampire myth.

Reputedly one method to discourage a vampire is to toss seeds outside your door or drape a fishing net across a window... For some reason lost to the mists of time vampires are compelled to count every one of these seeds or holes in the net, delaying them until the sun comes up (when presumably they're burned to a crisp).